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  • Educational resources | Ellie Keen | 2015 English
  • The main body of the manual consists of 18 activities with supporting material. Most of the activities are designed for sessions lasting at least an hour, although a few are longer. The activities have been classified according to ‘level of complexity’: a level 4...

  • PDF antigypsyism manual
  • Educational resources | FUNDACIÓN SECRETARIADO GITANO | 2021 Spanish
  • The main objective of the program is the professional training of Roma and Roma and non-Roma professionals from Spain for social intervention with the Roma community itself and in contexts of cultural diversity.

  • Website antigypsyism training
  • Educational resources | Mémorial de la Shoah | 2021 French
  • The French Holocaust memorial provides a wide variety of online resources for teachers, students, educators focusing on rememernace of the Shoah.

  • Website hate crime information
  • Channels, platforms and web-tools | OSCE | 2021 English | German | Spanish | French | Polnish | Turkish | Bulgarian | Czech | Hungarian
  • This OSCE libary of teaching materials to challenge anti-Semitism contains a wide variety of manuals, guidelines, brochures and collections, which are avaliable in several languages.

  • Website antisemitism antigypsyism education guidelines information manual resource collection
  • Literature, reserach and studies | European Union Agency For Fundamental Rights | 2018 English
  • Second survey of the European Union Agency For Fundamental Rights on experiences and perceptions of anisemitsm.

  • PDF antisemitism
  • Channels, platforms and web-tools | erinnern.at | 2021 German
  • Website providing up-to date information on remembrance, educational materials, tools and events.

  • Website antisemitism hate crime media information resource collection
  • Media, videos and pictures | EURACTIV | 2016 English
  • Video on the debates, results and suggestions developed during the first international symposium on anti-Gypsyism in Berlin

  • Video antigypsyism media information
  • Educational resources | Le Collectif National Droits de l’Homme Romeurope | 2017 English
  • Concrete proposal for integration of people who live in socially excluded locations.

  • PDF antigypsyism guidelines
  • Educational resources | Klára Kalibová | 2018 English
  • How to legally fight bias hate crime.

  • PDF education hate speech
  • Educational resources | Terraforming NGO | 0 English | Serbian
  • ster graphic novels are a teaching material, its most important part being a series of dramatized stories about the Jewish victims killed in the Jewish Camp at Sajmište in Belgrade (Judenlager Semlin) in the beginning of 1942. The stories focus on young victims and...

  • Website antisemitism education
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