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  • Media, videos and pictures | Sophie Nahum | 2020 French
  • Videos of "the last ones": testimonies of women and men who survived camps

  • Website antisemitism media
  • Media, videos and pictures | Musée de l'immigration | 2018 French
  • Online exhibition about the gipsies of and in France past and present

  • Website antigypsyism media
  • Media, videos and pictures | Amedeu Antonio Stiftung | 2017 German
  • Interactive website confronting antisemitic stereotypes and more frequent statement found online

  • Website antisemitism media
  • Media, videos and pictures | LICRA | 2020 French
  • Pedagogical videos for students, educators et teachers

  • Video hate speech media
  • Media, videos and pictures | Southern Powerty Law Center | 2020 English
  • Sounds Like Hate is an audio documentary series about the dangers and peril of everyday people who engage in extremism, and ways to disengage them from a life of hatred.

  • Website extremism media
  • Media, videos and pictures | Yad Vashem | 2020 English
  • course for educators and teachers on how to educate youth about the Holocaust

  • Website antisemitism antigypsyism education
  • Media, videos and pictures | Project SELMA | 2019 English | German | Spanish | French
  • The SELMA Toolkit provides over 100 free resources and activities to tackle the issue of online hate speech with young people (age 11-16), primarily in schools, but also in the out-of-school communities that impact on their well-being. It takes an evidence-based...

  • Website hate speech resource collection training
  • Media, videos and pictures | Fonds du 11 janvier | 0 French
  • Un podcast original de 7 épisodes pour déconstruire, apprendre, comprendre et s'ouvrir. Il y a un avant et un après Charlie. La génération qui vient devra être résiliente, éclairée, critique et outillée face à l'influence des réseaux sociaux,...

  • Website hate speech
  • Media, videos and pictures | Anne Frank House & partners | 2016 English | German | Polnish | Hungarian | Serbian
  • Five learning paths full of activities and information for students based around short film clips. In them, young people talk about their experiences, both positive and negative, including instances of exclusion and discrimination.

  • Website Interactive website
  • Media, videos and pictures | Romanidjiben | 2020 French
  • Sinto, Lovari, Kalderash, Lautari, Kaladji, Xǎladìtkas. petit représentant de la culture et de l’histoire tzigane ! #Tzigane #Romani #Rrom un projet en cours.

  • Website antigypsyism education history media migration information
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